It is easy to see that the world is quickly changing.  Whether it being political, environmental, or technology; people are expecting more in every aspect of life.  This is our belief that fitness has to stay up with expectations or your business will be left behind.  It is no longer enough to have a studio on the corner.  Peoples lives move so fast and many are constantly on the go!  People often use the excuse “I don’t have time” or “I never go to the gym anyways”.  This is the idea behind  If you can’t get members in the door, then why not go to them?  With all the technology available, there is no reason a studio can’t broadcast their classes live online and make them available for On-Demand.


It is my belief that culture itself is cyclical.  In this, I mean that we repeat habits and tendencies over a long enough timeline.  In the last 20+ years people have backed off fitness and exercise.  Although this may be the case, I have began to see a resurgence in a health lifestyle.  Thought there may be this new found lifestyle, people still want easy and ‘instant’.  This is where a partnership makes the most sense!  The best part is we do not make money until you do!  It just makes sense for both parties.