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Pour Your Heart Into Your Workout.
(We’ll Monitor the Results.)

VIRTUAL.FIT offer state of the art wearable heart rate monitor technology.  Integrated MYZONE® technology allows users to track their heart rates and calibrate the effort expended while they work out. The focus is squarely on you. Unlike most activity trackers, MYZONE® rewards effort, not fitness.

Workouts That Work For Your
Busy Schedule

Subscribers enjoy instant access to VIRTUAL.FIT’s entire content platform, including live sessions, archived video workouts, MYZONE® data, video on demand, and more. Participate in workouts in real time or stream content on demand when it’s convenient for you from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world!

You can also get access to the Tri Fitness workout studio to participate as a group class.  Workout as a group is a great way to help you stay motivated and get more from your workout.  Challenge your friends with MyZone MEPS and have fun doing it!


We offer three subscription levels to help meet your demanding lifestyle.  ON THE FLOOR subscriptions are for those who want to workout at the Tri Fitness Studio as a group.  ON THE GO subscriptions are for those who want to workout want the ability to take the workouts with them to view anytime, anywhere, on any smart device or computer.  HERE AND THERE is for those that want the best of both worlds.  Don't miss another workout!

*does not require gym membership

Access to Tri Fitness studio during staffed hours. Full gym members get 24/7 access to gym and studio

Access to the VIRTUAL.FIT calendar online anytime, anywhere

Reserve a spot in class online from a smartphone, tablet, or computer

*Online ONLY subscription

Video On Demand Online with a continuesly growing line of content to view at any time

Live Workouts. Includes workouts from Tri Fitness and instructors around the world

Archived classes and special content

*includes both ON THE FLOOR and ON THE GO subscriptions

Includes On the Floor and On the Go

Workout in the gym with a group. Know when to view live broadcast or join live classes.

Workout from anywhere in the world, any time. No the choice is yours how how you workout and what best fits your schedule