Hip Hop Fit with Gene Hicks is a group fitness studio featuring Gene's unique workout, Hip Hop Fit. Our goal is to get you in the best shape of your life but make sure you have fun doing it.  Who wants a boring workout?  Not us.

Do you have a desire to get in the best shape of your life?  How about a personalized fitness plan?  This option has a limited amount of spots available so sign up and inquire within.


Live Workouts
Join the fun live from your computer, tablet, or on your mobile. The crew is dedicated to bringing you a large variety of new workouts.
On-Demand Videos
Missed a workout? Not problem, we archive all workouts so you can go back anytime and get back on track.
Interactive Chat
Want instant access to the professionals and others in your gym? We have interactive chat that runs during all live classes so you get the answers you need.
Cardio Training Program
Hip Hop Fit believes in fun interactive classes. You might even learn a new dance move and have fun doing it.
Specialized Fitness Programs
Are you looking for something specific? We can help tailor a detailed plan just for you.
Watch and Workout Your Way
We are available on computer, tablet, and mobile. Even if you are on vacation your workouts are still available from anywhere in the world.

Here is a great sample of workouts! Subscribers can find hundreds more inside from both live and archived content!