This is a password protected page.  Access will ONLY be given to gym owners and approved management.

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Please use the Dropbox link below for any content, videos, or graphics uploads. Please contact your account manager via email to notify them of additions and directions on content placement in detail.

Welcome to VIRTUAL.FIT. This page is not linked to the subscriber view and is password protected. Only gym administrators can see the tab. Please refer to your email for your password. Below are some contact information as well as the Dropbox link to be used for this gym. Please email when additions are made to the Dropbox link to ensure timely response and proper execution of its contents.

Your account manager is:

Brian Brinker



Please download the Wowza GoCoder app for your smartphone or tablet device. You can broadcast from anywhere, anytime (data charges may apply and are the responsibility of the broadcasting party). Use the following information to enter into your GoCoder App. Refer to the Broadcasting FAQ for setup information.

Please safeguard these publishing points and streaming name(s); as anyone with this information will have the ability to broadcast to your webpage if they the correct information. If you feel that your information has been hacked or compromised, please notify your account manager for new publishing points

If broadcasting from mobile or tablet, please refer to the FAQ for proper setup.  Click here for FAQ

publishing points:

Port: live

Streaming Name: StreamX
If broadcasting from a laptop, PC, or broadcast station, the same publishing points and stream name above can be used.

Note: when broadcasting, you will see a small 3-10 second delay in the response of the broadcast compared to real-time.

Club manager’s first point of contact is the general office number. That number is:(551)2EnetTV or (551) 236-3888. If contact is not made, the secondary number is for Brian Brinker (314) 650-8332. The emergency contact number is: John Scott (636) 359-6997. NO MEMBER (Viewer) is to obtain the number for Brian Brinker or John Scott. Email: A customer may also reach us by email. The primary email is: for all questions from customers or members (the viewers). A customer may also reach Brian directly at Customers should only contact Brian with website help. Member related assistance should be directed to or . Cindy is responsible for member support and managed all member issues from login, billing questions, etc. All gym/web page changes must come as via written email request. Please use title “CHANGE REQUEST: EB30X” for the title. Please provide a detailed description of changes. Changes will only be accepted from authorized gym support administrators. (primary): (551)EnetTV or (551)236-3888

Brian Brinker (secondary): 314-650- 8332,

John Scott (emergency): (636) 359-6997

Subscriber/Member Support: Cindy Scott: or